Ox Bonanza Slots

The Ox Bananza Slots are here, and their new and improved look is back and better than ever. The Bananza Slots are one of the most exciting for those players who enjoy playing with their favorite Chinese characters. These characters are plentiful and provide you with the extras you need with the birthday symbols that matter.

If you’re ready, then now is the time to take the next step and learn even more about this fun slot game. The use of the extras that this slot has to give is something worth spinning to see if you can win. You will be glad you can when you see where it takes you and where you can land. As a 5-reel, video game you can pretty much guarantee that you’re getting the best way to play right before your eyes.

How to Place Those Bets Down

Placing the bets down is something that you want to think about how to go about doing. Not every game is going to allow you to put down the exact amounts on the same lines. With the Ox Bonanza Slots, you can expect to find increments of a penny, all the way up to a dollar. This means you can put down a decent amount. With 25 pay lines and the ability to play one coin on each line, you can increase your chances of winning when you boost your bet and spin on all the lines.

Remember, there is a max bet of $25. Maximize your bet, and you have a shot at not just the bigger payout but the jackpot payout that this fun, progressive slot machine offers.

The Software Provider of This Slot

RTG or Real Time Gaming is who oversees this slot machine game. They were the makers of it and have put a lot of fun into the game to make it something that many people like to play. With quality graphics and even better sounds that go along with the game, many players love the game's feel, not just the same itself. Trust in Real Time Gaming for all of these and other needs. You can pretty much guarantee you’re getting the best payout when you land on the correct symbols on the board.

The Symbols Before Your Eyes

Know what symbols you can expect to find reeling around the board. Since this is about the Ox, you can expect to find the colorful Ox symbol that comes around the board from time to time. You can also check out the Bonus symbol, Pig, Dog, Rat, and the classic card symbols that follow when you pull the reels. These symbols are not ones that payout as high, but they still pay a decent amount, so it can be worth it to have them handy when you land on them in the right order.

Bonus Rounds Worth Mentioning

Get bonus rounds that you are going to look into landing on will make all the difference when it comes to spinning but then knowing what to expect when a game is triggered and then opened. This game comes with two features of bonus games to make use of.

The Free Games Feature will help you win even more cash with the free games that the game gives you. No worries about placing your bets. They place the bets for you and keep the free spins and even some wins going.

The next fun bonus game is the Morphing Wild Feature. This feature is a great one when you want to open a way to get more cash in your player account. This has a larger payout than the symbols have when they show up on the board.

Sign Up with the Casino to Play Today

When the time comes to play, you need to be a player within the casino to do so. This means signing up for a player account and then downloading the interface or opening it up on your mobile device, tablet, or Flash player on the web browser of your choice. You can play however you’d like with the many options that they have. Signing up is simple and when you do, make sure to take advantage of the player sign-on bonus!

You want to make the most of the time you spend in the online casino, and with the help that this casino brings, you are set to go. You can spin, win, and have a great time all in one place. Everyone who plays the Ox Bonanza slots has nothing but nice things to say about being able to play!