Megasaur Slots

The Megasaur Slots have you roaring for a good time. This big slot machine is one that is welcoming of everyone who is coming to have a good time. You can be sure the dinos are watching out for you and have seen you coming for all this time. The dinosaurs are something that you don't normally see, so when you're here, and you do, you're going to be surprised and excited. You've come to the right slot machine to have a good time with. Take the time to learn more about what they have to offer and know you are choosing to move forward with the Megasaurs who have stolen the screen. As a bonus, 5-reel, video slot machine; you don't have to worry about a thing. Place your bets and watch the reels roll around before you.

The Maker of the Megasaur

Real-Time Gaming or RTG is the maker of this game, and they've packed a punch on everything that you can expect from such a big game. Real-Time Gaming is known especially for the ability to provide the best game experience that you possibly can get while online. They offer the clearest graphics and crystal-clear sounds that follow. They're perfect sounding and looking together, and they keep you in the game.

Placing Your Bets in the Prehistoric Ages

Placing bets is important, and it means that you must do some research to find out what types of bets you can make. There is no max bet amount that you have to worry about. They took that away, leaving you with a way to put some cash down on the table and win some cashback. With 25 pay lines, you can play on all of them or just one of them. With a dollar as the amount, you can place dollar bets on all of the lines and win a larger amount back.

What Dinos You Will See While There

It's important to know what dinos you are going to see while you're there. You can expect to find the classic card symbols because this game is older than others. This is important to know because you want to land on the themed symbols, not just the classic card symbols that find themselves coming around the board. You can also expect to find many of the themed symbols that come around the board. There are many dinos that are shown, such as the red megasaur, green megasaur, triceratops, volcano, and of course, the classic card slots that are shown.

Bonus Rounds You Will Have to Spin for

There are two different features that come around the board for you to make use of. When it comes to which you choose to use, you can go with one or another. The Megasaur Feature offers a decent payout for those who want to get some cash into their player account. This is an easier bonus feature to open up and one that can reward you with a decent amount back. Additionally, you can expect to find the Feature Guarantee that comes around the board. This Guarantee is going to offer you a great payout, free spins, or more when you send those reels spinning and land on this bonus feature. It rewards you the most when you need it the most.

Sign Up with the Megasair Slots Today

Sign up with the Megasaur Slots and get all that you need to get and more from the prehistoric ages that seem to have been lost. Don't worry though, this game brings them back to life and allows you to play and have a good time. When you get into the online casino, simply click on the sign-up button to obtain the sign-on that you want. It is just that easy to make use of the excitement around every corner. Now is the time to play this 5-reel video slot machine that has a bit of everything to play with. Sign up with the casino today and enjoy the perks of being a part of an online casino that values you and everything you do.